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Read all the latest news and program updates from Seedlab Australia.

  • Entering the last leg of 2023

    As we move into the final quarter of 2023, we’d like to take the time to reflect on some of the recent milestones we’ve reached and spotlight what’s on the horizon.

  • Seedlab Australia Cuppa and Chat

    Cuppa and Chat is where we eat our lunch together, and talk about anything from the weather, to kids, pets, business challenges and packaging options. We share nerves, questions, tips and tricks.

  • New Seedlab Woolworths Listings

    Seedlab Australia is thrilled to celebrate the achievements of some of our recent alumni whose products have been listed with Woolworths.

  • Bootcamp 7 Hits the Ground Running

    Seedlab Australia’s Bootcamp 7 has officially kicked off, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the newest cohort of businesses joining us. This time, the Bootcamp is host to an incredible collection of 49 businesses, covering everything from artisanal food products to eco-friendly household essentials, and some unique surprises in between.

  • Celebrating Success: Seedlab Woolworths Expo #3

    ast week, the Woolworths Head Office in Bella Vista, Sydney, was taken over by Seedlab Australia as we hosted the Seedlab Australia Woolworths EXPO #3.

  • Bootcamp 7 Commences

    49 Businesses recently began their Seedlab Australia journey. Round 7 of our 6-week Bootcamp Incubator is underway.

  • Seedlab Expert Spotlight: Davies Collison Cave

    When it comes to safeguarding your valuable ideas and brand identity, protecting your intellectual property (IP) is crucial.

    Seedlab understands the significance of expert guidance in this area, which is why we partner with Davies Collison Cave (DCC) and their team of seasoned IP professionals. With their support, our Seedlabbers can navigate legal challenges, secure rights, and ensure their unique value proposition remains protected and valued.

  • Live in Conversation – Kurrajong Kitchen

    We had the privilege of hosting Karen Lebsanft from Kurrajong Kitchen in a recent Live in Conversation event.

    Karen’s valuable insights on leveraging storytelling, competing with major brands, and considering consumer needs left a lasting impression on our attendees.

  • Seedlab Australia Masterclass: Creating and Leading Effective Teams

    Seedlab Australia Masterclasses are a great opportunity to deep dive into an area that will challenge thinking, provide advice and maybe (and hopefully) impact business growth and development in a positive manner.  

  • Live in Conversation: MOXX brands and Little Urchin sun care products

    Live in Conversation is one of our favourite sessions in Seedlab Australia. Renee Lee from MOXX brands, New Zealand, and Chris Mathews from Little Urchin sun care products recently shared their insights and stories with the community. Read the feedback from our participants.

  • Seedlab Australia features on Food and Drink Business: The Podcast

    On the latest episode of ‘Food & Drink Business: The Podcast’, Hazel MacTavish-West, co-founder and CEO of Seedlab Australia, joins editor Kim Berry to dive into the process of transforming micro-businesses into thriving, retail-ready enterprises.

  • Bootcamp 6 Comes to a Close

    Bootcamp 6 were a really energetic and engaged group of people, with founders from 28 businesses using our 6 week part-time online program to work on their business, and invest in their future, like Melissa from Yaye.