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Bootcamp 7 Commences: Igniting Success in 2023

As the calendar pages flip to the second half of what has been an exciting year at Seedlab Australia, we are thrilled to welcome the seventh cohort of businesses into our Bootcamp Incubator Program. Bootcamp Round 7 is an impressive and diverse mix of 49 businesses that represent the very best of the Australian and New Zealand FMCG space. We can’t wait to get to know them more.

Bootcamp is a unique journey for every business that we welcome to our community. Our focus is to provide tailored support to help these businesses clarify their propositions, evaluate the retail readiness of their products, and craft a roadmap towards success. The Bootcamp 7 businesses will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, embarking on an adventure that promises knowledge, skill enhancement, and most importantly, a clear path towards their goals.


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Diversity of Participants

63% are Female founded businesses.

12% are First Nations Businesses

I see the Seedlab Bootcamp as an opportunity to fulfil four important tasks: To fill in the blanks in areas of business knowledge that I might be missing; measuring how much relevant business knowledge I already have; learning about innovations in running a business; networking with peers who are also building their businesses and learning from them.

– Roz, Elato

Diversity of Product


Bootcamp 7 brings an exciting influx of food innovators offering a range of delectable options. From artisanal handmade traditional Christmas puddings to gourmet puddings that cater to all dietary needs, it’s clear that indulgence is on the menu.

There’s a line of cheese snacks made with tapioca and cheese, ready to bake and serve hot. Then there are preservative-free caramel biscuits or island-inspired sweet treats to satisfy the sweet tooth in all of us. There’s also innovative foods catering to specific dietary needs such as buckwheat cakes, an innovative gluten-free bread alternative. The creativity doesn’t end here, with businesses offering everything from mushroom-based products to tahini-based nutritional yeast spread and gourmet native salt blends.


Pets aren’t left out in Bootcamp 7. One of our businesses brings to the table natural dog supplements, a category increasingly recognised for its significance in the pet care market.


Our entrepreneurs are working hard to make self-care more accessible and natural. Our new cohort includes a brand offering natural plant hemp seed based skincare products.

Businesses are also creating sustainable oral care solutions, like eco-friendly toothpaste, and another is featuring a natural herbal toothpaste for all ages. There are even natural play makeup and plant-based hair care products specifically designed for kids.


The beverage category is full of flavour, novelty, and tradition. For the coffee connoisseur, there’s specialty coffee beans and native flavoured syrups for coffee and cocktails. One business also brings a native Guradji Kombucha to the table, as well as a range of sustainable and organic drinks to suit various tastes.


Many businesses are also championing the cause for sustainability. We have a participant offering eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets and another presenting bamboo toothbrushes, a premium bamboo electric toothbrush, bamboo electric toothbrush heads, and plastic-free toothpaste tablets.

This is just a taste of what the Bootcamp 7 businesses are bringing to the Seedlab table. Stay tuned for more as these exciting ventures progress!

I’m hoping Seedlab will help me make better business decisions and question the assumptions I’ve made about my business and the snacking category. I’m also super excited learn from others and get feedback on my ideas and strategies.

– Thanks Darl

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of Seedlab Australia. To go from a farmers market to a national supermarket in the last few years has been beyond our wildest dreams and to now have the opportunity to be part of a renowned and competitive programme like Seedlab is the icing on the cake for us. We are so excited to go on the next phase of our business journey with Seedlab.

– Sabhna’s

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