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Seedlab Expert Spotlight: Davies Collison Cave

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable ideas and brand identity, protecting your intellectual property (IP) is crucial.

Seedlab understands the significance of expert guidance in this area, which is why we partner with Davies Collison Cave (DCC) and their team of seasoned IP professionals. With their support, our Seedlabbers can navigate legal challenges, secure rights, and ensure their unique value proposition remains protected and valued.

When you come up with a great idea, a really snappy brand name, or a unique recipe and technique for making something truly scrumptious, you want to make sure you can maximise the value of these things for your own business.

AND you will want to minimise the potential for other companies to negatively impact the value of what you are doing, by making inferior copies, or confusing your brand identity in the mind of the consumer by being very similar, or copying your technique and getting there bigger and faster than you can, because they throw more money at it.

You also need to make sure that what you want to do doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s territory in a way that can mean you get told to stop doing what you are doing.

These are all the things (and more) associated with getting your intellectual property (IP) in order. Protecting it. Securing it. And ensuring that the value in your unique value proposition retains its value. We start talking about this very early on in Bootcamp with an IP audit, and continue to work with our businesses throughout Cultivate as they undertake rebranding (because they hadn’t protected it, and can’t actually do so), secure the rights to the artwork that’s quintessential to their brand identity – their logo, for example. And as they ensure they have protected these items in the appropriate categories for their current and growth strategies.

But we don’t rely on just anyone when it comes to IP. In Seedlab we are big believers in getting the right experts who are the best of the best, true gurus in their fields. So for IP we rely on Ian, Sally, Peter and the rest of the team from Davies Collison Cave (DCC). DCC were an early alliance for Seedlab, being in-kind contributors to our pilot program, Seedlab Tasmania. They continue to be an integral part of our program, providing in depth IP content to cover most things, they pop back in to do regular Q&A’s, and they providing advice 1 on 1 to our Seedlabbers as they need it.

Seedlabbers like Maggie Quirk from Deva Cacao, makers of gorgeous organic raw chocolate, sweetened only with bush honey, who had a recent issue over IP that proved tricky to navigate. DCC stepped in and “helped me immensely with two separate legal issues which had been on my mind for quite some time. The team presented me with a range of options, and clearly explained the implications of each, so I could choose the best solution for my business and my budget. I can now confidently move on to other aspects of my business knowing my brand is protected.”  

We like to highlight our local, national and global gurus, and Davies Collison Cave are right up there, for us. Friendly, responsive, flexible and able to come up with appropriate solutions to get our Seedlabbers on the correct path painlessly and promptly.

Thanks Ian Drew, Sally Foreman and all the Davies Collison Cave team.  It takes a village, and we are glad you are in ours.

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