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Seedlab Australia Masterclasses are a great opportunity to deep dive into an area that will challenge thinking, provide advice and maybe (and hopefully) impact business growth and development in a positive manner.  

For our Masterclass on Creating and Leading Effective Teams we were joined by John Colbert from Corporate Edge, who provided a theoretical foundation for our conversations with Ben and Jess Crowley from Bulk Nutrients and Carolyn Creswell from Carman’s Kitchen.

The acknowledgement from industry leaders that expanding a business by employing staff is a huge and daunting step is comforting to entrepreneurs about to embark on this critical next step. 

As Leisa from HUM HONEY noted “Getting over the fear of having staff to train and trust, how to enable their buy in to the company mission and values and the opportunity cost of doing everything myself and stifling the company potential to achieve our big hairy audacious goals!” 

And ensuring that your foundations are solid prior to employing people was a valuable learning for others. “The importance of getting our policies and procedures in place while things are a bit quieter so that when we are upscaling they are all in place and only need tweaking is useful” stated Cate from Kaiyu Superfoods.  

There is so much to learn from the lived experience of others. John, Carolyn, Ben and Jess provided relevant, detailed and raw insights into the world of growing and leading the teams which grow and nurture their business. 

“It all comes back to the people – knowing what your personal and business values are, and making sure the people you bring in align. Communicating and providing clarity around the direction, vision, mission. Making sure what I am doing is the most valuable thing – hire people for the other stuff.”

Lee Ann | The Cheeky Project

“It was great to hear from the Bulk Nutrients team of their growth and how they dealt and deal with staffing – such an inspiring story – we all wanted to work there!! Carolyn Creswell offers some fabulous team content as well and the importance of being inclusive and allow others to speak first – both highly valuable to listen to.”

Sharyn | King Valley Popcorn

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