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Celebrating New Seedlab Australia Innovations in Woolworths Stores

Seedlab Australia is thrilled to celebrate the achievements of some of our recent Alumni whose products have been listed with Woolworths.

These businesses join a growing number of Seedlab Alumni selling their products in stores across the country. As a collective they represent the creative spirit, dedication, and innovation that Seedlab helps nurture.

Here’s a closer look at the newest group celebrating their success:

ETCH Sparkling: Refreshment Reimagined

Jason and Andy Quin’s ETCH Sparkling has made a significant splash with their non-alcoholic drinks featuring Australian botanicals. Now available in 280 Woolworths stores across Australia, they offer a sophisticated and refreshing alternative for those looking for a non-alcoholic option. Perfect for your non-alcoholic refreshment, ETCH Sparkling challenges conventional ideas about adult beverages. 

Spicecraft: Gourmet Indian Flavours in Your Kitchen

Ambika Malvia is thrilled that her brand Spicecraft Australia -with gourmet Indian flavours – is now available in almost 400 Woolworths stores around Australia. With a delicious range of aromatic cooking kits including Gourmet Butter Chicken, Hyderabadi Biryani, Goan Coconut Curry, Kashmiri Rogan Josh, and Naan Bread Mix, Spicecraft Australia has transformed the way homemade Indian cuisine is perceived and prepared. 

I Am Grounded: Upcycling Coffee Fruit into Nutritious Snack Bars

I Am Grounded, the first coffee fruit brand to launch nationally in Australia, is now stocked in a staggering 1,000 Woolworths stores across the country. Vanessa and Lachlan’s brand upcycles coffee fruit, a by-product of the coffee industry, into delicious and nutritious on-the-go snack bars. Their mission of sustainability and innovation, combined with their Colombian roots, introduces a unique product to the Australian market.

Thai Larder: Authentic Fresh Curry Sauces

Thai Larder’s Ann and Rob have succeeded in bringing their delicious range of all-in-one authentic fresh curry sauces to over 260 Woolworths stores across New South Wales, Queensland, and Tasmania. Engaging with every aspect of Seedlab’s program, they have grown their business into a full-time venture while supporting their family. Their fresh curry sauces, available in the chilled section, are a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Embodying Entrepreneurial Success

Each of these businesses represents a unique journey filled with challenges, learnings, and triumphs. Their stories reflect a shared commitment to quality, innovation, and community. From understanding their unique selling propositions to working on product attributes and scale-up, these brands are examples of turning dreams into reality.

Seedlab Australia is proud to support these entrepreneurs and looks forward to the continued growth and success of our Cultivators. Together, they are shaping the future of food, beverage, and product innovation in Australia.

If you’re shopping at Woolworths, make sure to explore these exciting products and support local entrepreneurs. Your palate and your community will thank you!

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