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Bootcamp – Incubator

Our six week Incubator program to define how retail ready you are.


Your Seedlab Australia journey commences with our Bootcamp Incubator program, which comprises around 20 hours of on-demand and 12 hours of required live online content (daytime or evening) over 6 weeks. The aim of Bootcamp is to help you:

  1. Gain clarity on how retail ready your product and proposition is.
  2. Improve how you communicate your proposition
  3. Develop business skills to grow your business
  4. Determine whether you and your product are ready for the 4 month Seedlab Australia Cultivate Accelerator Program

Seedlab also provides Masterclasses and Workshops on a wide range of topics, made available to all participants and Alumni.

The Fine Print


Currently we are looking for Australian and New Zealand based suppliers of value-added food products, non-alcoholic beverages, and sustainably produced personal and home care products. Eligibility will evolve over time. The minimum age limit is 18 for business applicants and participants. A place in Bootcamp is by invitation, following review of your application by the Seedlab Team and Woolworths. 20-30% of Bootcamp applicants are lucky enough to secure a place.


Seedlab is proudly supported by Woolworths, and provided at no cost to participants. Your personal details and any confidential information will not be supplied to Woolworths (or anyone else).


Although you may gain unique insights, information and access to opportunities as a result of being part of Seedlab Australia – there are no requirements, nor guarantees, of supply or exclusivity for Woolworths.

Opportunity for Cultivate

A place in Cultivate (the Seedlab Australia Accelerator program) is by invitation, following a competitive pitch process after Bootcamp. Participants who have successfully completed Bootcamp may apply for Cultivate.

Bootcamp Program Content



Business Structure
Exit plan
Legal & Insurance
IP Protection
Goals & Plans



Customers & Consumers
Target Consumers
Competitor & Differentiation
Consumer Feedback



Your MVP
Product Specifications
Product Costing



Supply Requirements
Category Mgmt
Capability & Capacity
Scale-up Plan
Retailer Reality



Brand Value Proposition
Your Brand Story



Pitch Types
Preparing a
Retailer Pitch
Pitch your Business
into Cultivate

Applying for Seedlab Australia

Apply for Seedlab Australia by completing an online application form (which takes about 10 minutes to complete and is completely confidential). We will assess your application against our eligibility criteria*, and also consider your stage of development. You need to have potential to be retailer ready, or already be retailer ready, and not already supplying a National retailer.

Key Dates

Important Information – please read.
We are currently taking Applications from Australian and New Zealand businesses who wish to be considered for Round #11 of the Seedlab Australia Bootcamp Program.

Round #11 applications close Friday 17th January 5pm AEDT, so don’t hesitate. Get your applications in now.

Each program is delivered over 6 weeks. The program involves weekly on-demand video content to watch and pre-work to undertake, with live online sessions (via Zoom) for 90 minutes.

Please note that a place in any of the Seedlab programs is a competitive process. 

What our Participants say about Seedlab Australia

What our Bootcampers said

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  • The Urban Beehive

    Doug & Vicky

    Bootcamp was a business Spring clean and Renovation all in one and has left us with clean and clear ideas for the future!

  • Deva Cacao


    I feel I would never have had the opportunity to access this level of information and guidance had it not been for Seedlab – THANK YOU! Everything can be directly applied to my business and has helped me immensely.

  • Valley Vanilla


    I’d say if you’re looking to be in supermarkets or if you’re looking to scale their business it is a great way to understand the significance and work that is required to start that journey.

  • The Unexpected Guest

    Jenny Khan

    If you are ready to put the work in Seedlab is great because of the specialised nature and industry experience amongst the team and participants in the program.

  • The Fix Cold Press Juice


    Wonderful experience, content was fantastic and delivered in a concise structured and easy to follow way.

  • The Australian Seaweed Company


    Seedlab came at an opportune time for us as we undergo our rebrand. We now have a clear path ahead of us for how to scale and grow our business in the years to come.

  • Tea Trees Eco Ware

    Stu & Saskia

    We thought our business was really well positioned for the future but after a few short sessions, realised we had so much to learn. Thankfully Bootcamp gave us many of these learnings and now we’re on a different, more exciting & aggressive path.

  • Simply Swap Foods


    We are so grateful to the experienced professionals at Seedlab Bootcamp for teaching us key skills that will help us move forward with our food business.

  • Sideroads


    An amazing experience with insights from industry experts that you will not obtain any other way! – Save yourself expensive mistakes – A supportive community that you can tap into again – Well worth the time and effort – Set yourself up for succes

  • Scoo Brew


    You are absolutely stupid if you don’t take up the opportunity. It helps you, as a business owner, to really look INTO your business!

  • Queens of Chaos

    Chrissy Flanagan

    I am so wholly convinced of the benefits of Bootcamp that I have already referred several business friends! What I’ve said to them is it’s transformative. It flanks your blind spots. It’s the safety net you never knew you needed – or maybe you suspected you did! If you’re hungry, driven, ambitious and ready to grow, you’re ready for bootcamp.

  • San Elk

    Loredana de Simone

    I would highly recommend Bootcamp to other food and beverage owners who are starting out or looking to scale up. It’s a great program that guides you through all the basic requirements and essentials tools to help you to grow, scale up and supply larger retailers nationally.

  • Moonch

    Markus & Rebecca

    We got far more out of bootcamp than we expected. Gained a lot more clarity around our brand story. We now have a far greater degree of confidence and idea of how to move Moonch forward.

  • Rosevale lentils


    A great space for conversations with other business owners from all levels, perfect to help us grow and develop our own business, and great hosts and mentors to boot!

  • Daily Good

    Rhona MacKenzie

    Do it!!!! in fact don’t launch your F&B business until you have done it!

  • Plant Providore

    Amanda Goss

    You don’t know what you don’t know and Seedlab has really helped us in terms of knowledge and systems to take our business to the next level!

  • Mrs Toddy’s Tonic

    Sophie Todd

    I loved to learn from other participants experiences. The tutors in the program were extremely insightful and I gained a lot from them. The course definitely out my ducks in a row for the next phase of business.

  • Mobius Farms


    Well worth it. Even if some of the content is not new for you, it will help you validate your thinking. The experiences of other participants are extremely valuable as everyone is at a different stage of their journey.

  • Lucy’s Foods


    I reinforced myself with what my slogan is “Lucy’s Foods, Taste the Paste!”. Highly Recommend the program!

  • King Valley Popcorn


    You have nothing to lose. It is a very safe environment and you only have to put yourself forward and you would be guaranteed to learn from it. It would have to be the most quality program and people I have yet experienced. The knowledge is spearheaded and easy to understand. I value that a lot as it has not been easy for me to seek out thus far in my own journey.

  • I Am Grounded

    Vanessa Murillo

    Bootcamp was an accelerated look at how to get ready to sell into a big box retailer like Woolworths. It required homework, reading/watching and participation and was a really great short course into the specifics of being retailer ready.

  • HOPR

    Jose Ramirez

    Thanks for painting a better picture into the world of FMCG retail. I’m glad I took the leap into joining Bootcamp, and the extra knowledge I gained about the FMCG space and about my own business.

  • Hive & Harvest

    Mike Doyle

    Bootcamp has been an invaluable experience for our team as the mentors and community have helped us identify where we are as a small food business, and it has course corrected us to put us on the pathway to succeed in achieving our dream.


    John Leith

    First Class program for anyone looking to launch or scale their food and beverage products and want to find out the ins and outs of working with big retail.

  • Heart Therapeutics


    Feeling A LOT more confident of the way forward to achieve my goals and realise my dreams!

  • Bloombox Co


    I am blown away by the program content! The focus on real life business and operations is so impressive (rather than just showy pitches or demo days). Thank you and the team for all the hard work that has gone into this, grateful to be part of it.

  • GF Oats Australia


    I can honestly say my team and I feel so much more confident and prepared for our supermarket journey now than prior to Seedlab. Do yourself a favour and apply if you are gifted with this opportunity.

  • Frulato


    It was a great program to develop a meaningful checklist with resources to guide you along the way. I have already recommended it to others 👍

  • Elly’s Gourmet Confectionery


    Bootcamp helped me focus, gave me re-assurance, and valuable insight to other similar business struggles and successes – I am not alone!

  • Eggzi Australia


    Firstly I want to thank the Seedlab team for allowing me the opportunity. Doing this program has given me the tools and skills to ensure that I am ready to enter the retail space. I am confident that what I have learned from seedlab has delivered a template for retail success.

  • East Forged

    Tania & Kym

    The Seedlab Australia team have created the best food and beverage Bootcamp I have been able to participate in when it come to retail supply readiness. The short and intense programme gives you access to Industry experts to assist in identifying gaps that you can address to give your business the best chance of success for supplying to retailers. If this is Bootcamp I can only imagine what the value of Cultivate would be to your business. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

  • Don Massimo Coffee


    There’s always something to learn, and room for growth, be it business or personal, Seedlab Bootcamp provides this on all fronts!

  • Dolce Bacio


    Do it no matter who you are there’s something you will learn. There’s nothing to lose.

  • Dillicious


    Bootcamp will help you understand how serious you are about growing and improving your business. It’s a great opportunity and you should take it and make sure you give it the attention it deserves.

  • Delicious Low Carb

    Maria Sunarto

    Highly recommended 100%. It help start up to cover the basic and some advance stuff that they might missed, help the business owner to understand their strength/weakness so they can open for improvement, both personally (through personality test) and business area (through SWOT analysis).

  • Dark City Foundry


    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of Bootcamp 🙂 Recommend other businesses to go for it!

  • Curringa Farm


    Bootcamp had a profoundly positive effect on our approach to our business, our products and how we treat them. Thank you.

  • Crowley’s Hot Sauce


    Definitely look at it as an opportunity to know whats next, but make sure you’re ready to expand and grow. Make sure you do some homework, or know who you are and what you’re going to do, but make sure you’re ready to commit, and absorb the information, and make sure you’re committed to utilising it post SL.

  • Crater Mountain Coffee


    Bootcamp is just like it sounds. It’s a no-nonsense, smashing workout of the preparation you need to be retail ready.

  • Chocolique


    We now recognise that our goals need to be ‘SMART’. We have learned so much in such a short space of time.

  • Weeknight Cook

    Jilly Tyler

    Go for it! It does take a commitment of time so allocate/ plan for this so that you can give it the necessary resources. What you put in is what you get out!

  • Burrowes Park


    Seedlab Bootcamp is an amazing opportunity! As new entrants into the food manufacturing and retail business, Seedlab gave us amazing insights into how the business works, and what we need to do to create a solid business foundation for growth and success.

  • BRZFood


    Seedlab Bootcamp is the “How-to Guide” for all new Food-business. Should be a requirement to anyone starting a new business.

    It is totally worth it the time spent to get your business ready to achieve greater success.

  • Bloomish


    Without hesitation I would recommend they do it. I would tell the business owner that it would give them valuable time “out of their business” rather than “in their business” to really assess how to go forward. I would suggest that they apply for a Bootcamp round when they weren’t in their peak season such as harvest, to ensure they could fully commit to every session.

  • Belicious Foods


    What a wonderful world of like minded producers I delved into.. From beginners to pros, Bootcamp had it all

  • Altina Drinks

    Christina Delay

    Bootcamp was a great way to consolidate and build on everything we’ve done in our business so far. An excellent and highly experienced team, the program was run extremely efficiently and effectively. Highly Recommend to other food businesses.

  • Aloe Beauty Pty Ltd


    Bootcamp takes the uncertainty out of your business journey. You are guided every step of the way. Thanks Seedlab.

  • Adalin Health


    I think the most important part about Bootcamp is being able to share your work and share your thinking with people who are going through, or have already gone through, the same fear and excitement and apprehension that you’re going through yourself but don’t want to reveal to anyone.

  • Akkary Fine Foods


    It was a great experience, one that help me gain perspective about how far I’ve come and what else I need to do to make my business dreams come true.

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Bootcamp Round #11 applications close Friday 17th January 5pm AEDT, so don’t hesitate. Get your applications in now.

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