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Celebrating Success: Seedlab Woolworths Expo #3

Last week, the Woolworths Head Office in Bella Vista, Sydney, was taken over by Seedlab Australia as we hosted the Seedlab Australia Woolworths EXPO #3.

Showcasing innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, all 17 of our Cultivator businesses took centre stage. They engaged with Woolworths executives, sampling their products, discussing potential in-store range opportunities, and proudly representing the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of the Seedlab community.

The Seedlab team was there too, providing support, guidance, and adding to the atmosphere with our purple on full display. The EXPO was a colourful, inspiring and busy sight – a testament to the resilience, hard work, and creativity of our Cultivator businesses.

The Power of Community

One thing that was a constant theme during EXPO #3 was the support and community spirit that comes from being a part of Seedlab Australia. Our Cultivators are genuinely interested in each other and their individual experiences, learnings and successes. Despite the nerves at the beginning of the day the support received from Woolworths meant that everyone involved left with a smile on their face (and hopefully a great feeling of satisfaction). 

Running a business can be a lonely experience but it’s guaranteed that when you’re a part of the Seedlab Community you’ll always have someone to connect with. 

As we look back on this event, we can’t help but be proud of the progress this group of Cultivators have made. Seeing them confidently presenting their products and engaging with Woolworths executives was a vivid reminder of why we do what we do at Seedlab.

Creating a Unique Experience

These EXPO events are exclusive, invaluable opportunities provided to businesses who have either completed or are nearing completion of our 4-month Cultivate Accelerator program. The program is designed to prepare these businesses for moments just like this: they come to the EXPO knowing their unique selling proposition (USP), their numbers, their potential, and armed with a compelling story that they can communicate effectively.

But the EXPO is more than just a chance to present their product to category managers. It’s a learning experience, a chance to gain feedback, and a venue to build confidence for future meetings with retailers. These experiences are just as important, if not more, than immediate in-store listings. They provide a foundation for long-term growth and success.

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