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Our four month Accelerator program to get you pitch and retail ready.

About Cultivate

Selected Bootcamp graduates with a unique, scalable proposition and the resources and desire to grow may be invited to participate in Cultivate. Cultivate is a structured part-time program, undertaken over 4 months, and is free for participants thanks to the support from Woolworths. In Cultivate you will receive:

  1. Extensive business support and training on a broad range of business and more specific topics, including insights and information provided by Woolworths.
  2. Cultivate is undertaken via a combination of on-demand online learning, and live online discussions.
  3. Seedlab also provides Masterclasses and Workshops on a wide range of topics, freely available to all participants and Alumni.
  4. Our one-on-one coaching will help your business and proposition become pitch- and retail-ready.
  5. There may also be unique opportunities to pitch to Woolworths.


A place in Cultivate is by invitation following a competitive pitch process reviewed by the Seedlab Team and Woolworths. Approximately 1 out of 2 Cultivate applicants are successful.


The Seedlab Australia program builds on the success of our pilot program, Seedlab Tasmania.


Seedlab is fully supported by Woolworths, and thus the program is free for participants. Your personal details and any confidential information will not be supplied to Woolworth (or anyone else).


Although you may gain unique insights, information and access to opportunities as a result of being part of Seedlab Australia – there are no requirements, nor guarantees, of supply or exclusivity for Woolworths.

Applying for Cultivate

Apply for Seedlab by completing an online application form (which takes about 10 minutes to complete and is completely confidential). We will assess your application against our eligibility criteria*, and also consider your stage of development. You need to have potential to be retailer ready, or already be retailer ready, and not already supplying a National retailer. 

Key Dates

Round 4
Applications due 5pm AEST 12th August 2022

Round 5
Applications due 5pm AEST 16th December 2022

More Rounds will be available in 2023.


It’s truly a life changing program, Seedlab provides businesses support, basic tools and materials to start, grow and scale up business. The mentors have a wealth of knowledge and experience and the course materials covers all the areas you need to know in order to grow a successful business.

– Loredana de Simone | San Elk

The Seedlab experience has been pivotal for our business. The solid education, friendships and good times will be something I’ll hold on to for a long time.

– Mike Doyle | Hive & Harvest

The challenging of scaling to supply Woolworths seemed insurmountable. Seedlab has made it not only possible but also my fondest hope. I would not have dared hope for this before Seedlab. Also I now know how to knock it out of the park if I do get ranged.

– Chrissy Flannagan | Queens of Chaos

Get Involved

Applications Close for Round #4 at 9am AEST Monday 18th of July, 2022

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