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Cultivate – Accelerator

Our four month Accelerator program to get you pitch and retail ready.

About Cultivate

Selected Bootcamp graduates with a unique, scalable proposition, plus the resources and desire to grow, may be invited to participate in Cultivate.

Cultivate is a structured part-time program, undertaken over 4 months, and is provided at no cost to participants thanks to the support from Woolworths. Cultivate involves:

  1. Extensive business support and training on a broad range of business and more specific topics, including insights and information provided by Woolworths.
  2. A combination of on-demand online learning, and live online discussions (2 hours required per month in daytime hours).
  3. Seedlab Australia also provides Masterclasses and Workshops on a wide range of topics, made available to all participants and Alumni.
  4. Our one-on-one coaching and mentoring will help your business and proposition become pitch and retail-ready; on average, businesses receive over 20 hours of 1:1 mentoring during Cultivate.
  5. There may also be unique opportunities to pitch to Woolworths, for example at our private Woolworths Seedlab Australia Expos.

Want to become a candidate for our Cultivate Accelerator program? Apply to complete the prerequisite, our Bootcamp Incubator program, below.

The Fine Print


A place in Cultivate is by invitation following a competitive pitch process reviewed by the Seedlab Team and Woolworths. Approximately 1 out of 2 Cultivate applicants are successful.


Seedlab is proudly supported by Woolworths, and provided at no cost to participants. Your personal details and any confidential information will not be supplied to Woolworths (or anyone else).


Although you may gain unique insights, information and access to opportunities as a result of being part of Seedlab Australia – there are no requirements, nor guarantees, of supply or exclusivity for Woolworths.

Cultivate Program Content



Fundamentals & Checklists

IP Protection

Business SWOT

Business Plannings


Business Structure

Business Insurance

Legal Advice

Risk Management

Crisis Management

Distribution Chain



Production & Processes

Procedures & Protocols

Shelf-Life Validation

Labelling & Allergens

Food Safety & HACCP

Health Claims


LEAN Process

Preparing to Scale Up

Contract Manufacturers

Creating New Ideas



Becoming a Better Supplier

Food Trends

How To Get Listed

Distribution Logistics

Partner Hub

Compliance Criteria

Supply Process

Marketing & Promotions



Category Managers



Developing Yourself & People Skills

Leadership in Action

Building a Team

Negotiation Skills

Business Partners

Family Business

Managing your Time

DISC Profiling



Delighting the Customer

Market Insights

Retailer Presentation

Investment Pitch

Unmet Customer Need


Social Media

Digital Marketing

Design Brief

Packaging Design

Brand Story

Want to become a candidate for our Cultivate Accelerator program? Apply to complete the prerequisite, our Bootcamp Incubator program, below.

What our participants say about Seedlab Australia

What our Cultivators said

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  • Alg Seaweed

    Sarah Leung

    The Seedlab program has been a life changing 4 months for our business. We have engaged with business coaches before but the calibre of the Seedlab team and the speakers are exceptional, you can get allrounder information in just one place. We also appreciate the opportunities to pitch to major supermarkets through the relationships between Seedlab and Woolworths. I am so glad that I took the time to commit to the program over the last few months. Thank you so much again team 😄

  • Grange Garlic

    Wayne Schild

    I may not have continued with our business and product if it were not for the validation and encouragement from the SeedLab Team and program. An outstanding and compete program. A credit to the minds that have conceived and build it. Simply bloody genius. Thank you SeedLab and Woolworths

  • Honua Bars

    Sophie Thwaites

    What a wild ride that was! Not for the faint of heart, this course felt like I was a racehorse plucked out of obscurity and groomed for the Melbourne Cup. I learnt so much about what it takes to pitch and supply to the biggest retailer in the country, and to my amazement I think that now I might just have what it takes.

  • Freed Beverages

    Scott Huntley

    Cultivate will help fast track your business. It will give clear direction on where and what you need to do. I will stress that there is a lot of work and you need to fully emerse yourself in it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • ETCH Sparkling

    Jason Quin

    Seedlab focussed my proposition for the 3 way win; consumer, customer, business. Cultivate improved my knowledge across all facets of business and brand management to set up for success as a national supplier. Seedlab prepared me eyes wide open for what scale up means with quality, safety and consistency.

  • Bippi Foods

    Ben Circosta

    Definitely apply! There is plenty of content so be prepared, but definitely utilise the people and content as much as you can – it’s the best way of being able to know what Woolworths expect from a brand before they know about you!

  • Simply Lentils

    Manjula Mishra

    Definitely apply. You may have to go back to basics and re-assess the foundations of your business. It may seem a lot of work to do but you will thank them later. Seedlab will help you make your foundations strong before you start building the skyscraper of your dreams.

  • Spicecraft

    Ambika Malvia

    Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this experience. While the content and sessions have been amazing, one of the greatest benefits of Seedlab has been a shift in mindset – from thinking like a small business owner to having a plan to build an Australia wide business.

  • Lovebyt

    Natascha Scutts

    100% apply even if  your product is not yet developed fully. This course will catapult your learning curve. Expect to spend an extra 5-6 hours a week watching videos and then implementing this new knowledge into your business. Money can not buy this fantastic opportunity. Do not hesitate to apply. 

  • The Unexpected Guest

    Jenny Khan

    I now understand the process of supplying into a large supermarket, how to price products, being aware we have a role in marketing the products once they are on the shelves and packaging.

  • Queens of Chaos

    Chrissy Flanagan

    The challenge of scaling to supply Woolworths seemed insurmountable. Seedlab has made it not only possible but also my fondest hope. I would not have dared hope for this before Seedlab. Also I now know how to knock it out of the park if I do get ranged.

  • San Elk

    Loredana de Simone

    It’s truly a life changing program, Seedlab provides businesses support, basic tools and materials to start, grow and scale up business. The mentors have a wealth of knowledge and experience and the course materials covers all the areas you need to know in order to grow a successful business.

  • Daily Good

    Rhona MacKenzie

    Do it! Cultivate is run by a truly amazing bunch of industry professionals who are honest and straightforward and really want your businesses to succeed.

  • Plant Providore

    Amanda Goss

    Cultivate is a fast paced, behemoth program. But the knowledge and insight you get out of being apart of it is invaluable. Definitely worth diving in and figuring out how to swim!

  • Mrs Toddy’s Tonic

    Sophie Todd

    Cultivate taught me to grow as a business, leader, and a person in life. I went into Cultivate wanting to win pitches in business. I was extremely product driven without understanding the numbers behind the product. I can now confidently walk into a pitch and room and believe in myself and my business.

  • I Am Grounded

    Vanessa Murillo

    Seedlab is a unique program unlike any in the country and I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of this for my start up I Am Grounded. I can’t put into words how much Seedlab has taught me about my business and self. As a growing startup, it’s hard to stop and strategize. Seedlab forces you to do so in a refreshingly authentic way – one that is necessary to avoid potential future missteps.

  • HOPR

    Jose Ramirez

    Since Cultivate, I’m focusing on my costs big time and managing my cash flow better. It’s been great and connecting with everyone has been more than I expected. Building friendships and learning from each other have been very valuable. I look forward to seeing how we all progress with our businesses.

  • Hive & Harvest

    Mike Doyle

    The Seedlab experience has been pivotal for our business. The solid education, friendships and good times will be something I’ll hold on to for a long time.

  • Eggzi Australia


    Plant the seed of getting your products into retail by walking the path those have walked before through the Cultivate program. Change your business life and give your product the best opportunity to shine on the shelf.

  • East Forged

    Tania & Kym

    Not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared to do the work, and expose your business’s weaknesses to gather the best feedback from the most valuable group of CPG specialists I have come across in Australia.

  • Delicious Low Carb

    Maria Sunarto

    Cultivate is a gift from heaven for my business. Thank you for your wisdom and foresight, and your tireless effort to help me and my company to grow and scale up, ready for world domination.

  • Weeknight Cook

    Jilly Tyler

    I’m doing so many things different and better now!!!! I believe that Cultivate has particularly challenged me to not only focus on the now, ie getting onto shelves, but more importantly, making sure we are able to stay on shelves sustainably once we get there.

  • Altina Drinks

    Christina Delay

    Cultivate gave us a better understanding of how Woolworths do business, and gave us advanced insight into the range review process, and we’ve recommended it other businesses.

Want to become a candidate for our Cultivate Accelerator program? Apply to complete the prerequisite, our Bootcamp Incubator program, below.

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