fbpx Live in Conversation: MOXX brands and Little Urchin sun care products | Seedlab Australia

Live in Conversation is one of our favourite sessions in Seedlab Australia. 

It’s where industry heroes (as we call them) come and share their learnings with our founders, providing tips and tricks for how they have achieved what they have, their stories (including the gnarly bits), and simply providing proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

We recently had two heroes who came highly recommended from Woolworths: Renee Lee from MOXX brands, New Zealand, and Chris Mathews from Little Urchin sun care products. It was great that these businesses represented two different growth areas for our Seedlab participants, too: a homecare (or air care) business from New Zealand, and a personal care business.

Thanks to these fab founders for making the time to share their insights and stories with our participants. It’s simply gold dust.

Chris Matthews spoke in a very clear and understanding manner. No jargon. His insights into running the business himself and trying to do it all and how were very useful.

Jeannene | Bark with Buster

Renee spoke with such confidence in her brand, it was inspiring. And she backed everything with so much data.

Chris | Chris’ Kitchen

Interviews like this are fantastic! Would love to hear from other personal care founders and learn from their experiences.

– Jeannie | Good Riddance

The key takeaway for me was how Moxx had really sought to solve the buyers problem. She used a really nice direct competitor analysis which put the supermarket brand alongside the Moxx brand, using a traffic light system. It really highlighted the opportunity for the buyer.

Josephine | Noisy Guts

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