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Creating Cultivated Chaos with Chrissy Flanagan

Chrissy Flanagan is the creative mind behind one of our Cultivate businesses – Sausage Queen Brewing (preparing to rebrand to Queens of Chaos), and we just can’t get enough of each other. We love’s Chrissy’s vibrance and energy, and she loves the insights and advice we provide for her growing business 🍃

She’s completed our first round of Bootcamp, and is now taking part in Cultivate 1. Here’s what she has to say about the program:

The Seedlab Cultivate program is doing a stunning job of meeting participants where they are in their business journey, and giving them the transformational advice, expertise and contacts to elevate them to the next level. There’s no slap-dashery about Seedlab’s contribution: it’s deep, challenging and meaningful

– Chrissy Flanagan | Sausage Queen Brewing

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