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Bootcamp 6 Check In

Bootcamp 6 is underway with 32 businesses who have a wide array of products – from natural skin care, to dog treats, and even offerings for those with diverse dietary needs.

Wondering what the newest round of Bootcampers are getting from the program? We love hearing feedback, so we asked them – and this is what they’ve got to say:

We are pumped to be participating in Seedlab Bootcamp. A must do for SME players in the FMCG world.

– Jackson | LOKA Foods

Bootcamp is forcing me to start injecting the discipline into the business planning that has been so sorely lacking up to now. There’s lots of stuff that I know we *should* have been doing but haven’t because day to day tactical stuff gets in the way and you never actually get out of the weeds to focus on strategy!

– Al | Big Owl Foods

Knowing what to prioritise when starting a small business can be tricky. Seedlab has helped channel our thinking into all of the right areas of our business. It has given us the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions and improve the way we run our business moving forward!

– Deanne | Dingos Mate

It makes a huge difference to be surrounded by a group of experts that know the challenges founders face every day and are on a mission to share their wisdom and knowledge. Already the foundations that Seedlab has helped us build have made a difference in our business.

– Herman | Beams Collective

In a word… ‘tight!’ As a creative entrepreneur I sometimes play a bit fast and loose. Working in Bootcamp is causing me to tighten up my game significantly!

– Mike | Feel Good Bananas

“I got the sauces, but Seedlab got the resources.”

– Lisa | Saucy Wench

“We are thrilled to be accepted into Bootcamp series 6 and super excited for what lies ahead!!”

– Rikki | Tahini Neri

“I would like to develop the network, resources, and skills to meet my goals of having 100 Yaye stockists across Australia by December 2023, and being able to work full time in Yaye.”

– Melissa | Yaye

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