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Amanda Hinds

Leadership, Team Building, HR, Program Development

Amanda believes that great leaders build great teams to achieve great things, and her passion for nurturing the leadership capabilities in others brings her to the Seedlab team. She knows that teams that grow together with a shared sense of purpose, clearly stated values and a vision for the future are effective and efficient.  She believes that by creating solid structures in young businesses we set them up for success for the future.

Amanda delivers self-paced learning and cognitive coaching to identify leadership gaps, problem solve, plan and create opportunities for team success. Her great passion is to support leaders to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships with their teams so they can be effective, whole and safe.

During her 40 years of public service as a teacher and school Principal she has written curriculum and programs, contributed to school and state policy, sat on multi-agency boards focussing on child safety and wellbeing and chaired interagency committees focussed on improving outcomes for young Tasmanians. Amanda has a strong understanding of how individuals best learn, grow and contribute to communities. She  held operational roles in government including the State-wide Disability Services  with a focus on the implementation of the NDIS, the Education Department Learning Services and the Safe Families Coordination Unit which works in the Family Violence sphere.

Professionally and personally, Amanda has supported many communities to ensure that difficult circumstances didn’t determine life outcomes. Her 10 years as a volunteer Ambulance Officer with the Tasmanian Ambulance Service honed her skills to think on her feet, trouble shoot and support people in crisis.

Today, Amanda privately consults to organisations and helps them navigate their people challenges and supports Founders to develop their leadership skills.

Living out her philosophy of self-care, she spends her free-time growing her own produce, gardening, swimming and walking around the beautiful surrounds of Seven Mile beach. Amanda attained a Bachelor of Education from the University of Tasmania.