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The Turtle Tribe

Founded by the young and determined Ned Heaton in 2018, The Turtle Tribe is on a mission to save our oceans from plastic waste, starting with plastic toothbrushes.

Governments around the world are banning single-use plastics, and The Turtle Tribe believes toothbrushes should be next on the list. The company offers eco-friendly alternatives including toothbrushes, lip balm, silk floss, and toothpaste tablets, all packaged sustainably.

By choosing The Turtle Tribe, customers take a stand for the oceans, supporting a future free from unnecessary plastic waste.

We’re on a mission to inspire change and protect our precious oceans, one bamboo toothbrush at a time, and Seedlab Cultivate offers an exciting opportunity to make that dream real!

– Ned and Shane Heaton | The Turtle Tribe

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