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Niki’s Natural Pty Ltd

Suthan & Durka Naganayagam founded Niki’s Natural in their kitchen in Melbourne, driven by a heartfelt goal to provide all-natural baby wipes that offer parents peace of mind.

Starting from humble beginnings, their core mission has always been to ensure each wipe is a gentle, eco-friendly embrace for your little one, perfectly blending safety with sustainability.

Joining Cultivate has been an incredible journey for our team at Niki’s Natural Wipes. It’s like we’ve been given a roadmap and a set of super tools to help us grow in ways we never imagined. The mix of expert advice from Woolworths and the hands-on workshops and masterclasses from Seedlab Australia have been eye-opening. They’ve helped us fine-tune everything from our business plan to the way we talk about our eco-friendly wipes. What’s really special is the one-on-one mentoring; it’s like having a wise friend guiding us, making sure we’re ready to take on big opportunities, like pitching to Woolworths. For a small company with big dreams like ours, being in Cultivate is like learning to fly with a safety net. It’s not just about business growth; it’s about growing in a way that stays true to our mission of making parents’ lives easier and protecting our planet for the little ones future.

– Suthan Naganayagam | Niki’s Natural Pty Ltd

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