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Binda Botanicals

Binda Botanicals is dedicated to crafting a Vegan Organic Sunscreen range that embodies their unwavering commitment to ethical, sustainable, and health-conscious products.

Wade and Makita Krueger directors of Binda Botanicals are located in Redcliffe in beautiful sunny Queensland.

They are steadfast in their approach to provide environmentally friendly and socially responsible skincare solutions, ensuring every product they create nurtures and protects both the skin and the planet.

Being part of the Cultivate Program, Binda Botanicals’ Vegan Organic Sunscreens range stands to benefit immensely from extensive business support and training on various topics, enriched with key insights from Woolworths. The advantages of tailored coaching, accessible on-demand online learning, and engaging discussions within the Cultivate Program are poised to position Binda Botanicals’ product as a preferred sun care choice in the market.

– Wade and Makita Krueger | Binda Botanicals

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