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Seedlab Australia featured in Dynamic Business

Seedlab Australia recently had a chat with Dynamic Business about being leaders in the FMCG startup game, how we make it work, how we define success, and what makes us stand out.

In a series of conversations, we illustrated how we broaden our reach and tailor our incubator and accelerator programs to help Australian and New Zealander FMCG businesses become retail ready and primed to succeed in a competitive market.

We talked about how we use intel rather than capital to provide businesses with the tools they need to grow, scale, overcome challenges, and ultimately succeed in their market by becoming retail ready.

The road is not always smooth sailing, and we spoke about that too – sometimes businesses need to go back to their basic foundations and start over, rebuilding a stronger, more unique proposition. Whatever the business facts are that need to be examined, Seedlab helps founders address these, and use this knowledge to formulate a profitable and sustainable path forward.

Not every business is at the same stage in the journey, and each founder’s needs are different. Seedlab helps our participants identify their strengths, as well as the areas that need more structure and focus to develop clear strategies for their business. Identifying your customer and knowing the job your product does for them is vital to the way you develop, pitch, and market your product.

We discussed success and what it means. For some founders, success is building a solid platform upon which to restructure or grow their business. For others, it can be being listed in a series of stores, or finding contract manufacturers to expand production.

Bringing Australian and New Zealander small FMCG businesses to the forefront of the market with opportunities to be seen amongst the bigger players, is what we do.

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