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From Our Brilliant Bootcamp Businesses

Brilliance is the bread & butter of our Bootcamp Round 1 businesses! We’re thrilled to see the bonds forming within the group and between the businesses and our team. The energy in our 90 minute live discussions has been phenomenal!

It was a great start to the course, and I felt like you all created a fun and exciting energy. Thank you. Keen to get involved and make the most of it!

– Mike | Hive & Harvest

Ray thanks for sharing your knowledge and advice, it was such a great session. I learnt so much, really enjoying the program.

– Loredana | San Elk

I am thoroughly enjoying the course. Loving the content and learning lots.

– John | Hemp Oz

Seedlab is equipping me to seize upon every opportunity that crosses my path, and tooling me up to create my own. Seedlab has expanded my concept of what is possible for a self-appointed sausage queen who actually makes beer. This program has already transformed my approach to parts of business I have to date strenuously avoided because I was intimidated by them and didn’t know where to start. I will emerge a stronger business person for it.

– Chrissy | Sausage Queen Brewing

I’ve been loving the course. Seedlab has shown me valuable insights I need to know in order to grow and scale my business. It is incredibly specific, something that lacks in other groups I have been involved with. The group chats are not intimidating and everyone is very supportive, regardless of where you are at in your business, this is very encouraging. The program so far is altering my plans and showing me how I need to think in order to scale – I now know I am not ready yet.. but the clear direction is so highly valued, I look forward to completing the second half and loving the learn!

– Sharyn | King Valley Popcorn

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