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Rethinking Drinking with Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The Masterclass you have, when you are having a Masterclass about non-alcoholic beverages, or in the words of Jason Quin of ETCH Sparkling “A fire hydrant of information: that was a business course in 4 hrs, that could be a degree!”

That’s what 30+ of our Seedlab Australia participants got last week when we had a private Masterclass on the Evolution and Future of the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Sector.

Here’s my take-outs in brief:

Denise Hamblin, Director at Kantar asked what does sustainability taste like? I’m still pondering that one! Also: It’s not about what we’re NOT drinking, it’s about what we ARE drinking.

Cormac Deery and Anthony PipikiosWoolworths Supermarkets were truly outstanding with their rapid fire and honest Q&A approach, and some unexpected insights from the category, which they are building for the future. You had to be there to hear more…

Dr Steven Clare BevTek Innovation talked about the different approaches producers can take when creating non-alcoholic drinks. With valued insights on alternative preservatives, sweeteners and more, and a view to create serve-led sophistication.

ANDY GAUNTFever-Tree talked us through the Fever Tree story, and my A-Ha moment was “For every hour you spend thinking about something else, that’s an hour you’re NOT thinking about your core range”. Fever Tree Focus.

And finally Craig Ham talked about the culture of non-alc, and the importance of thinking beyond the shelf and getting into occasions and repertoire. He also asked the scary question: “What if non-alcoholic isn’t the benefit?”

Here’s what our participants thought:

Rhona Mackenzie of Daily Good said: “It was gold having access to Anthony Pipikios like that to have a free flowing conversation”.

Nic Gangemi said “Each presentation was informative for different reasons, but Craig Ham stood out with insights of the Culture and Marketing of Non-Alc. Very insightful and thought provoking. Makes you question where your product belongs and what it offers”.

Chrissy Flanagan of Queens Of Chaos said “thrilled that Woolworths gets the potential of the category and is sticking for the long term as it develops”.

Thanks to all our speakers, and for the lively discussion. Seedlab Australia – makes dreams real, one conversation at a time!


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