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Sally Fairless

Strategy, Business, Marketing, Governance & Risk

Sally is a principle-led business strategist and believes in business as a force for good. Her intellectual curiosity and observations of human behaviour has developed her ability to quickly solve business pain points, seize market opportunities and innovate ways to accelerate growth.

Sally is the Director of 8 Bridges, a business advisory firm based in Manly NSW. 8 Bridges helps senior executives and Boards fast-track company EBIT and market share. Sally has led turnarounds, strategically fixing complex problems and fueling growth for clients with revenues from $200m to $9B.

Sally has 15+ years of business, marketing and sales leadership in global corporate and private-equity owned businesses across pharmaceutical, agriculture, pet care and retail.

One of Sally’s personal values and highest priorities is to create opportunities for all Australians. As a child of refugee parents, Sally knows first-hand that persistence and hard work is not enough. Opportunity and timing are the catalyst that changes lives and trajectories. Sally is passionate about supporting businesses with purpose and giving back to community. She openly shares her playbook on business with Seedlab participants and challenges their thinking for stronger results.

Sally currently serves as Chair on several Boards and is a Board Member for Independent Football Australia, a not-for-profit organisation. 

Sally balances her fast-paced work life by spending time swimming and snorkelling at the beach. She is also a spontaneous traveller to places like Cuba, the Amazon Rainforest, The Kimberley and her highlight is swimming with humpback whales in Tonga.  Sally graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Computer Science.