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Thai Larder Success Story

Thai Larder started in late 2020 with an innovative idea – the first ever fresh Thai curry “cook-in sauce” designed to bring authentic fresh Thai cuisine to Australians without the hours of work associated with making an authentic Thai curry.

Four months after launching the idea as a small business in December 2021, Thai Larder sells over $3,000 of fresh sauces per month and runs a ghost kitchen that delivers $7,000 worth of gourmet Thai meals to Tasmanian homes.

Making it big

As of mid 2022, Thai Larder have secured a statewide contract with Woolworths in Tasmania, with a view towards a national contract. We’re so thrilled to have had them participate in our Seedlab Bootcamp and Cultivate programs, and unendingly proud of what they’ve achieved in such a short period of time.

From the makers

Seedlab run a comprehensive incubator program that identifies business ideas and businesses with potential, and then places them on a fast track program to success. They provide a “cradle to adulthood” service where small businesses learn how to plan and implement their business ideas. Crucially, they continue to support us after the “official” end of the program.

We came to Seedlab with a business idea and, within 12 months, we have secured 3 major contracts with Statewide and National retailers through their expertise and contacts. As recent immigrants to Tasmania, they have quite simply enabled our family to remain in the State and to contribute to the economy. We know of no other organisation in Tasmania that can do this

– Rob & Ann Atkinson | Thai Larder

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