Success Stories

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Read our Seedlab Success Stories from participants in the Seedlab Australia program.

  • Daily Good Success Story

    Daily Good is one of our current Cultivate Businesses, making daily immunity shots with natural and organic ingredients. We love the health benefits, and there’s no denying the product is just damn good!

  • Hive & Harvest Success Story

    Hive & Harvest are producers of single-origin honey based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We love their commitment to sustainable management of their beehives and the incredible quality of their honey 🍯

  • San Elk: Good Stuff from Scratch

    San Elk is one of our Cultivate businesses making artisanal stock products to act as the base of ingredients of your daily meals so you can make good stuff from scratch.

  • Drinking Better with DrinkHOPR

    HOPR is a new kind of beverage that gives you the buzz without the booze. Founder Jose Ramirez is one of our Cultivators, and is passionate about driving a new type of beverage that provides a better way to drink socially.

  • Taking Tea to Another Level with East Forged

    East Forged is a new, unique style of iced tea created by tea specialists Kym and Tania. They’re currently part of our Cultivate Program, and we adore their enthusiasm for tea and the creation of a completely unique product.

  • Red Cow Organics Success Story

    Andy and Matt Jackman from Red Cow Organics took part in the pilot program Seedlab Tasmania – even just from doing Bootcamp, Andy said she got a “Clear direction for our company, focussed & driven for success”.